Thursday, February 23, 2012

Knitting Bag-Spill It

I recently shopped for a new purse- funny how a knitter shops for a purse.  I wanted something not too big, and not too small, with a separate space inside big enough to hold a sock project, my tin of notions and small notebook. I also wanted it to go with just about everything – so not too fancy- not too casual. Anyway this grey Vera Wang bag from Kohl’s has everything going for it in my book. The center clasp opens a roomy compartment perfect for knitting and there are deep poufy compartments on either side for all my other stuff. All this thinking about what I carry with me got me to thinking it might be fun to spill my must have knitting notions. So here goes….

  1. tin pencil case
  2. something to clean my glasses with
  3. nail file
  4. cute little ruler
  5. crochet hook
  6. pencil
  7. little crochet hook with pointy end
  8. cable needles
  9. favorite darning needle –my one and only
  10. tape measure
  11. broken needle gauge
  12.  bird scissors
  13. post its
  14. resq ointment
  15. row counter
  16. Pokemon card from David about 10 years ago
  17. band aid
  18. another Pokemon card
  19. stitch marker in a box- (note I hate that I have to buy a package of mixed size markers when all I really want are the small ones- Please Clover- come out with a pack of just the small ones-please. These are my favorite markers.)
  20. small plastic sheep
  21. point protectors
  22. spare size 2 needles for sock knitting on the go

 All  21 items fit into my tin. Most of these things have been with me for a very long time. So many cute notions are available out there, but I remain true to these. I hold onto my favorites and work from just this one set. I’m loyal that way…or maybe just set in my ways. What do you carry with you? Anything missing up there? 

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