Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saint Brigid's Day

Today I celebrate St. Brigid’s Day.
Saint Bridget is remembered for sharing the extraordinary with the ordinary - a cross of straw for example. In her book “The Knitting Goddess”, Deborah Bergman writes, Bridget’s “overriding story is the story of the return of light; how it comes back into the world, how it warms and reassures us with its inevitability, how it nourishes the young, and also, how we come to experience our own embodiment as a bit of resplendent light incarnated into the wisdom of the earth.”

“The Golden, shining spinning wheel that is one of her emblems is a symbol of joyous, easy manifestation. It reminds us, after a long, comfortably, hibernating winter, that it’s time to dust our light, and take it out from under its protective bushel.”

Today we swept out the fireplace and laid a fire. We kept it going all day while the wind howled, and the temperature dropped, and the snow fell. Today is a day to remember that despite all that- spring is not that far away.

Still it’ll be a while before we can put our boots away. To make them a little more enjoyable to wear, I’m sharing my stranded color-work boot-topper pattern. You can download the pattern by clicking on the link in the sidebar to the right.

May Brigid bless the house where you dwell,
every fireside door and every wall;
every heart that beats beneath its roof,
every hand that toils to bring it joy,
every foot that walks its portals through.
May Brigid bless the house that shelters you.

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Katie said...

I love the pattern!! I just downloaded it. I'm glad everything worked yesterday - really, we can just thank the magic of Ravelry, they've thought of everything!

Good luck digging out from the storm*