Monday, October 11, 2010

A Sock Story

Last week I chauffeured the first leg of David’s homecoming date. I think he would have felt even more awkward with both parental units present and I wanted to capture a few photos. David had a thoughtfully chosen a wrist corsage for Elise, and then she presented him with a small box. Boutonnière I thought. David opened it - reached in - and pulled out these spectacular color work socks. Elise and her Mom shared that when David comes over he always takes off his shoes and they’ve noticed that his sock heels are always on the top of his foot. So they saw these socks in a local shop and thought them a perfect gift. “The heels are so different he’ll be able to tell where they go.” Well David sat right down on the floor in their dining room and proceeded to put them on – funny – the first try - sure enough the heel ended up on top. Sweet and endearing - and hopefully doesn’t reflect badly on my mothering skills as I obviously never taught my son to properly dress himself - but I know it’s really just the result of wearing nothing but tube socks for the past fifteen years.

You can check out these cool SolMate socks here.

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Kym said...

I love this story! Those socks are infinitely better than a boutonniere! Elise sounds like a mighty perfect Homecoming date to me. :-)