Monday, June 28, 2010

six month check up

Finishing up my Fair Isle vest…
to the moon and back in corrugated ribbing – I did a lot of thinking about all the resources available to us today not to mention the creative community out there that we can so easily link up to. When I started knitting - way back when - it was Kaffe Fassett’s book “Glorious Color” that got me rolling - wanting to play with stranding techniques but there just weren’t many folks in the neighborhood with a similar fascination. A few years latter I got my hands on Alice Starmore’s book after reading several articles she contributed to Threads magazine, and still I can’t say it would have been likely to meet up with someone who shared my interests.

Most recently I’ve really enjoyed Ann Feitleson’s book “The Art of Fair Isle Knitting”. There’s some fresh historic background, many easy to follow patterns and several techniques clarified in a way I haven't seen in other places. Her diagram on picking up stitches for sleeves and bands is wonderful as are her buttonhole directions which involve twisting the two strands of yarn together - avoiding strands being carried where buttons could get snagged – Brilliant. And best of all connecting with folks is a click away and I’m sure its not just my imagination that there’s a vibrant and alive knitting community out there!

My blog turned six months this past weekend. Having this space and connecting with others this way has meant so much to me. In her book “Women Who Run With Wolves” Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes….

“Creating one thing at a certain point in the river feeds those who come to the river, feeds creatures far downstream, yet others in the deep. Creativity is not a solitary movement.”

Blogging and connecting with folks on Ravelry has helped to remind me – someone who could sit and knit and dream alone for hours on end- of the value of creative community.

I like thinking of these landmarks as opportunities to pause – reflect – regroup…

I’ve been navigating some tricky waters at my day job but have just been offered a new part time position that sounds like a wonderful opportunity – so will be adding this to my pretty full plate starting next week.
Teaching at Beyond The Rainforest has been a Godsend - not to mention so much fun, and I will keep on through the summer with five folks working on the Feitelson vest and then next Fall I hope to do another beginning Fair Isle class - then mittens and a Christmas stocking I’m designing.

Checking in on six month old New Year goals…uggggghhhhhhh – seems I had quite a list of things starting with W…

Haven’t worked on many WIP due to all the fun Fair Isle projects I’ve been focusing on.
I am getting out to walk the dogs and ride my bike to work but the gym membership was a casualty of the work cutback – so yoga is on video – not in a studio.
Am drinking more water
And am still working on being content with all I have and wanting less – at least I’m aware I have issues in this area….

Short term wishes….

Get back to some spinning and get myself to the Michigan Fiber Festival

Big idea…that came to me watching the full moon rise on my birthday last January-

Renovate the Little Barn as a fiber arts studio space.

Something special bloomed this weekend…

the moonflower vine – huge – fragrant – a flower to wish on.

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Kym said...

Lovely vest! Great progress on your goals. . . and I think the barn will be a PERFECT studio. Oh, wow! Perfect! (And if you head to the Michigan Fiber Festival, let me know. I'd love to meet you in person. . . and I will be there!)