Thursday, June 3, 2010

EEEKKK STEEKS! (and a Holiday Recap)

Its true!
Its true!
The best way to learn something
is to offer to teach someone.

This weekend a few brave beginning Fair Isle students will tackle the STEEK…

Stripped or diced…
basted or crocheted…
so many, many ways to skin a cat…

I’ve been distracting myself from a yucky case of poison ivy (in a most delicate spot) , swatching away -having a grand time…

Please disregard the fact the swatches look rather like voodoo dolls with all their pins…..
just trying my best to get a decent photo.

I was reminded of how fun knitting with little surprise balls of miscellaneous yarn scraps tied together randomly can be. (think I first read about this many years ago in a Kaffe Fassett book) So Fun!
In Other news…
Holiday Weekend Recap
A good mix of getting chores checked off and anticipating summer fun.

Screen windows were scraped, primed, painted and installed
Backdoor herb garden paths were mulched
Cone Flower. Hostas and Foam Flowers were divided and spread around
Bagels and chatter- reconnecting with some friends
Jack had his annual shearing

David went on his first “official “ date.

The first hummingbird of the season was spotted on the Cat Mint-
 Preferring it to the silly  feeder I installed.

Other spottings…
Two huge snapping turtles near nests of broken eggs
on our walking trail.
( a fellow hiker told me raccoons get most of the eggs but assured me plenty of the babies make it)

Three white herons roosting.

Scored a cool, old blue toolbox and a beautiful collection of vintage hankies at a neighbors barn sale – can’t get my mind off the 1968 Airstream he’s thinking about selling- sigh………

Saturday night fire pit and toasting of marshmallows

First ever case of poison ivy and a spider bite

Summer is right around the corner…



affectioknit said...

That's what I say about steeks too!

Kym said...

What a lovely blue toolbox! And I'm so sorry about the poison ivy. Miserable, miserable plant! (I fight it with a vengeance.. .)