Monday, February 22, 2010

Ravelympic Update

Today is a Snow Day in our part of the world and so there is the luxury of a little extra time. I thought I’d pop in to update with a progress report on the Every Way Wrap.

*I’m a little over halfway (unless I decide to go a little longer)
*Cables are feeling a little less awkward and I’m no longer dreading rows 9 and 17.
*I’m loving the sheen that the linen gives to this yarn and the softness of the twist that gives it an almost pencil roving feel.
*I’m finding that holding a mental picture of me wearing the wrap is really helping to spur me on.
*I haven’t shopped for buttons as I decided I’d like them to blend in and I can’t be sure which place in the variegation I’ll be at the final ribbing. So hopefully a trip for special buttons will take place next Saturday.
***And if all goes well I should be at the finish line on time- Sunday!

Here’s a photo of the wrap so far.

And a photo to show off my “Olympic Blue” manicure which lasted all of one evening as doing the breakfast dishes and kitchen floor the next morning did it in. Also in the photo- I finally put a piece of ribbon on the magnet strip I use with charts. There was just  paper covering the adhesive for so long till I saw this idea – embarrassed to say I don’t remember where. I had ribbon on hand that reminded me of that “Olympic Blue” , and it will I think be a wonderful souvenir/reminder of Ravelympics 2010.

Did the bright blue and green Olympic banners and logos surprise anyone else?

Somehow looks more surfboard than snowboard to me-David says he thinks it works- and really likes it.


affectioknit said...

That looks awesome!

sweetaimee said...

hang in there it is looking beautiful and the nails well they were fun while they lasted right lol

Kym said...

Lovely mix of pattern and yarn. The nails are great, too! :-)