Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Distractions

Did I say something about discipline in my last post?

   Friday evening I sat with the fam to watch the opening ceremonies, laptop nearby. I knew in my heart there was no way I was going to be able to focus enough to complete cable rows on the Every Way Wrap I entered in Ravelympics WIPSDancing event. No problem – the WIPSDancing event is for patterns already cast on- I would jump in first thing Saturday morning – or so I thought.
   It was incredibly fun to be logged on and following the comments on Ravelry in the Parade of Nations thread. I kept watching for my team- Teamknitmore- and thought maybe it had something to do with Time Zone differences. Found out next day- the Team was someplace else chatting- sometimes clueless and out of the loop- that’s me.
Then Team USA entered sporting their Reindeer Hats – that was that- I was hooked.

Ravelry being the fantabulous tool it is told me there was a free pattern already available. I checked it out – the thread was abuzzzzzz – lots of folks all thinking the same thing- “I gotta knit one of those!”

   Saturday my son needs some markers from Joann’s- no problem – even though I had vowed to myself I would spend a quiet Saturday morning focused on The Wrap (I have goals don’t ya know) Well we get to Joann’s and David heads one way for the markers- I head the other – drawn by an uncontrollable-indescribable force to the yarn aisle where I perused my options in Red-White and Blue-. Understand – this force was ------ I never in my life would have dreamed of knitting something Red-White and Blue- ( ok once I contemplated a tea cozy for Queen Elizabeth- but that was years ago)Next thing you know I have a completed Olympic Reindeer Hat that I entered in the Nordic Colorwork event. Turns out David really likes the hat! He had it on when I got home from work last night. The blue- really brings out the color of his eyes- my husband commented we should get a photo because he surely he could model for Ralph Lauren –make a ton of money and enable us all to abandon our day jobs so we can sit around and do what we love! It’s not happening though- David does not want his photo taken- especially not for this blog – sigh…..
But I will show off my medal here!

You can check out my project page for tweaks I made.
Gotta run- The Wrap and I have a date……..



sweetaimee said...

love it. I did the everyway wrap this fall and love it sooooo much I curl up with it almost every day. It is worth the carpel tunnel keep pushing:) can't wait to see the finished work

Kym said...

Oh, the hat! I was almost pulled into the hat swirl myself. . . but, so far, I've held off. Looks great!