Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Two days in a row??? It’s just that I remembered I wanted to share something…..

I love photos and taking photos, but have a serious lack of confidence when it comes to putting images out there – like on this blog.

I am sharing more – on facebook and on instagram now that I have a phone with a camera. It’s been fun. Still-I know the shots aren’t masterpiece quality.  Seriously-I’ve been trying to not take the whole thing so seriously.

(iphone shot of David celebrating his second semester being over)

Truth be told I was just getting used to my “serious” camera – and still feel like I have so much to learn. Well my “serious” camera is across state – with David- he needs it for school. So this is just to let you know  that for the time being I’ll be using my phone to capture images- I’m playing with new to me technology here. I’ve decided to just have fun with it - I’ll do my best to keep the photos as “interesting” as possible.

(another iphone shot of David in a hat I knit for him)

Did you hear about the Interweave Webinar with Gale Zucker (She Shoots Sheep)? What a fabulous opportunity and pretty reasonably priced! It’s taking place tomorrow – June 5th – you can sign up here. I’m hoping for lots of tips on composition- that I can use even though I’m using my phone.

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