Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Casting On A New Year

My 2012 was full of creative play- lots of spinning and dying experimentation, and plans for this year include more of the same with the addition of some weaving- and hopefully a few more finished objects. I’m signing up for an apprenticeship of sorts.

I’ve decided to join some folks from the Zimmermania Ravelry Group - our goal -to knit 13 Elizabeth Zimmermann projects during 2013.

There’s no other knitter/designer I admire more. Her practical and empowering words always leave me inspired. There are so many patterns I’ve marveled at, but never executed- so this is the year! I expect to learn much. You can find my project list up there with it’s own tab. I’ll track my progress there as well.

Leaving you with a favorite and appropriate EZ quote….

“By this time next year some of these will have been achieved, and some scorned and abandoned. Some as yet undreamed-of whims will have taken shape. I’m ready for them; my mind is open, my wool-room full of wool, my needles poised, my brain spinning like a Catherine wheel. There are plenty of pencils- I think- and where did I see that old block of squared paper?  My word, such good fortune. I can only hope the same for you.”  Elizabeth Zimmermann,  Knitter’s Almanac, page 139

Happy New Year to you from the girls and me!

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