Friday, July 20, 2012

Staycation Report

This week has flown by. Monday I was in Cleveland – visiting with family and celebrating my Mom’s birthday.  So good to see everyone and the cupcakes were delish!

While I was away Julie at Knitted Bliss featured my Inspira cowl on her Modification Monday post. This Inspira is probably my all time favorite project and came together in such a fun and effortless way.(as opposed to a certain skirt that has been the bane of my existence)

Julie is a very talented designer and I was truly flattered when she contacted me. David always jokes with me when I mention how many hearts one of my projects might receive on Ravelry. Well it’s true those hearts can be quite affirming- it’s just nice to know people like what you’ve made. After Julie's feature my Inspira topped 80 hearts – an all time record for me!

Wednesday the boys headed off on their cross-country road trip and made it to Colorado yesterday. 

Today they explored Mt. Evans.

We had some much-needed rain here at home and I spent a couple of quiet days contentedly spinning some Shetland I plan to dye next week.

Today I had an adventure of my own. I headed out to a nearby State Park to explore their biking/hiking trails. Well first I had to find the entrance to the trail. After three tries I headed back to the ranger station and was instructed to disregard the yellow gate and sign that read “No Unauthorized Vehicles”. I had asked the ranger what the trail conditions were  like and she said she had never taken it – but had seen people come off it. Well I guess I really was in the mood for an adventure because I went ahead and started off.

I had a map and the trail was fairly well marked, but it was pretty rough going with lots of tree roots, fallen trees and many dips and steep inclines.  I ended up pushing the bike and walking for much of the seven miles or so.

There were a few rewards along the way though.

I found some blackberries that birds hadn’t found yet.

And around one bend in the trail I spotted these swans.

At the end of the trail I was able to catch a paved road back to where the car was – then just sat for a while and enjoyed the view.

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