Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Checking in With the Chicks

Today I finally got the chicks outside in their cardboard “play pen” Four weeks in the basement …sometimes they seem just a little cranky. I'm told this is like their awkward teenage stage.

They are doing lots of big chicken things like perching. Do you know I actually read that  you might need to hold  little chickens over a perch to help them learn how to do it. Well mine must be exceptionally bright because they did it on their own.

We’ve had to make a change of plans on their permanent living arrangements and are going to use a horse stall in our little barn. We are really going to need to scurry Saturday and may just get the inside set. We will be hanging the feeder and the waterer, installing a perch, and some nesting boxes. We also need to close a wall in, add a simple door and cut a door out for them to get into their fenced in yard. The fenced in yard is happening next Saturday- I hope.

In the meantime I picked up my roving from the mill- remember this from back in March.

I’ve been playing with overdyeing the brown, which is Border Leicester/ Blue Faced Leicester cross. I really do like the color – a very deep blue sea color. My sample was 9WPI (wraps per inch) a worsted weight, and knit up at 4 stitches to an inch.

We are neck deep in senior year festivities...

 Last night was the senior art show, tonight we pick up a tux, tomorrow I get to help build the Eiffel Tower, (prom theme is – “We’ll always have Paris”), Friday photos and waiting up to hear all about prom, Saturday- Chicken business, Sunday-The Blue Man Group in Detroit for Larry’s birthday. Exciting- fun- times. I don’t want to blink because I couldn’t bear to miss a second of it.

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