Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's really old news- but since it relates to next Fall there's lots of time to get on the bandwagon. Fashion Week shots were all over Pinterest and we caught a glimpse of Autumn/Winter 2012. As a knitter my interest was piqued by these three images....

Oscar de la Renta


Marc Jacobs

Hurrah for wraps! I was planning lots of wrap knitting anyway- but now I can do it with the confidence that I'll be right "on trend". I need to hunt down a kilt pin or two  (shoot I know I had one back in the seventies)..... I do have these though-

Knitters will recognize these as stitch holders... I just may start a new trend.

Randomly changing the subject...this week I can't stop listening to Elis Regina.

The Waters of March is one of my all time favorite songs. You might remember Art Garfunkel's version but nothing compares to this.

Here are the lyrics  in Portuguese and English. More of a collage of images than a story and simply beautiful. Jobin was a genius.

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