Monday, November 29, 2010

Over the river...

We had a wonderful journey over the river and through the woods
to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Cleveland Clan.

Couldn't stop commenting on how fast everyone is growing up…

Everyone needs a professional chef in the family.
Not sure if we had enough dessert...

Nap time

Early Christmas Baking

Mom looks great!

And we laughed as we compared notes on flour scooping and nut chopping techniques.
Note…those who chop one nut at a time and scoop their flour are the best bakers.

Discovered my sister has more light-up Santas than children… and she has a lot of children

What a blessing family is. Thank you Nancy and Bob, and Jenny and Cal for hosting us and to everyone else who made our weekend so special.


Kym said...

What a wonderful celebration! Thanks for sharing. :-)

magnusmog said...

We don't have Thanksgiving in Scotland but looking at that collection of family and food, it makes me wish we did!