Friday, June 18, 2010

Have A Jessica Day

If you’ve seen this already forgive me…

Yesterday was such a good day this could have been me this morning.

Yesterday was the last day of Sophomore year for David…its been a good year. He really clicked with his teachers and truly enjoyed his classes. Yeah!
I put some concentrated energy into finishing up the Fair Isle vest I started last February. All that’s left is to cut the steeks,do the button band and the sleeve ribbing and tack down the edges. I’m really pleased with it so far and it was so much fun to play with all the natural Shetland Sheep colors.

Our LYS- Beyond the Rainforest- ran a contest to decorate a Nantucket Bag and voting took place last evening. Have you seen these? Very practical – utilitarian cool.

Here’s Marsha’s granddaughter – so cute- standing next the entries.

I had a grand plan to crochet a spectacular cover for mine but with time running out and not wanting to miss out on the fun - I improvised….. I had this swatch/hat from a while back and realized it fit snuggly up over the bottom of my bag. The beauty of these bags is all the wonderful pockets and my Fair Isle cozy leaves them accessible… all that is except for the zippered pocket on the bottom that I would use for my debit card. This just might be the best element of my design, discouraging easy access to the plastic.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating World Wide Knit In Public Day! Cupcakes will be enjoyed and I’ll have photos to share. Hope you have a Jessica weekend!


nicole said...

I will definitely try to have a Jessica day. She rocks!

Your fair-isle work is amazing! I love the bag cover (especially the combo of teal and mustard) but oh, your natural Shetland vest is absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it done.

Emily said...

That video is so cute!!