Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Joy to You!


  • Pin Curls
  •  5 stair step sisters- same dress – different sizes - different colors - a rainbow
  • Carnation corsage with a little fuzzy chick imbedded in the center from Dad
  • Big brimmed hats with a white elastic under your chin to keep them on
  • Saddle shoes touched up with white polish out of a sponge tipped bottle with a nurse on the label
  • Saddle shoes with my Easter dress –school uniform or play clothes…
  • Saddle shoes with everything…
I've rationalized to my husband that this explains my deep seated need for these  new Easter Shoes -
BEAUTIFUL.... but totally impractical.


Found myself thinking of these things as we get ready to head to Cleveland to visit the fam. This year I decided to make the Girly Girls Easter corsages . I used this fun crochet flower pattern from Attic 24.
They are addicting…. I was able to whip out a dozen in no time flat despite my novice crochet ability.

I’ll be sporting new Easter shoes- and a cute little crochet corsage. My hair is too short for pin curls and I gave up uncomfortable elastic many moons ago. Hurrah!


Blessings to you in this season of resurrection joy!





Marie-Jolie said...

Those chicks are just too darn cute for words. :)

Katie said...

ooh, I love those shoes too! Happy Easter

Kym said...

OMG -- I WANT the shoes.

I totally remember the white shoe polish with the picture of the Nurse! Hadn't thought of that in years . . . so thanks for the nostalgia fun. I, too, wore saddle shoes with everything. . .